So about me……I am a busy working mom to a 4, 16, 18 year olds and wife.  I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my family and love to cook.  I have struggled with my weight I feel like my whole life.  I can remember as a teen doing Weight Watchers and always exercising to keep my weight in check.  Throughout the years I have gone up and down, but for the most part have managed to maintain my weight.  I try to follow clean eating websites and adapt them to what I like and what works for my body.  I love the principles of Ideal Protein and Hungry Girl’s, Lisa Lillian, but like to adapt it to what works for me and maybe even tweak things a bit more.   I like to make recipes that are 4 portions or less (I am the only one that eats it) and that do not require exotic ingredients.  I have seen so many bloggers that post recipes with like a million ingredients and serve 16.  How can you eat 16 servings??!!!  I can make ANYTHING healthy and that counts going out to eat.  I always tell my husband that I can eat anywhere because I can I just figure it out.  I hope that I can help anyone that is trying to lose or maintain their weight as I know how hard it can be.