Most people trying to lose weight or at least maintain are always looking for the next great “diet food”.  Not sure if it was a Facebook ad or how I came across this website, but none the less it caught my attention.  I am a low carb person all the way.  My body just feels better and responds better to minimal carbohydrates.  This does not mean I do not love them!  So, #ThinSlimFoods has an entire product line tailored to people like me.  From bagels to muffins and pasta they are all low carb and also low in calorie, nice huh?  I read a ton of reviews before I decided to purchase and here is what I decided to try:

  • 1 Love the Taste Bagels – Everything
  • 1 Blueberry Muffin
  • 1 Peanut Butter Muffin
  • 1 Cinnamon Muffin
  • 1 Love the Taste – Onion Pocket (kinda like a pita bread)
  • Impastable Low Carb Pasta

I got all of that with shipping for $42 and change, not bad.  All of the products are extremely fresh so they recommend what you have not used to freeze within 2-3 days upon receiving.  I got my box yesterday, (order placed 4 days ago) and when I opened it I was excited!  The product looked just as it did on the website and I was not disappointed what so ever, actually shocked by the size of the bagels.  When you are talking about only 100 calories you don’t expect much.

This morning I tried the Love the Taste Everything Bagel:

bagel       bagel 1        bagel 2        bagel 3

The bagel was really soft and doughy, but in a good way.  I sliced and toasted, topped with 2 TBSP of Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese, yum!  Bottom line, delicious.  It had the texture of a bagel, but maybe a bit lighter.  After I had finished I was wishing I had not ate it so fast :).    The awesome thing about these bagels is the nutritional value exceeds the taste.  So here are the stats for my breakfast this morning:

150 Calories:

15 grams Protein

4 net Carbohydrates

9 grams Fat

270 mg Sodium

The bagel itself is only 100 calories, so yay!

I see a lot of possibilities with this, hmmm I will have to experiment and let you know what I come up with.  I am excited to check out the other products I ordered and will most likely blog here to share!  If you comment below with your email address I can send you a coupon for 50% #ThinSlimFoods sampler pack.  The sampler pack includes: 1 Almond Square (40 calories, 2 net carbs), 1 Vanilla Muffin (40 calories, 2 net carbs), 1 Brownie (45 calories, 2 net carbs), 1 Chocolate Glazed Cookie (45 calories, 2 net carbs), 1 Vanilla Cookie (40 calories, 2 net carbs) and 1 loaf Love the Taste Plain bread, (50 calories per slice, 1 net carb).

As always I have a ton of great health, skin and lifestyle products on my website:


    • Kristin

      Sent a coupon for the sampler pack! Hope you love it!

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